Diamond Tips with Nutrient Infusion




HydraBrasion PRO is a highly innovative treatment that allows a wide range of nutrient carriers and nutrients to be applied during cleaning and hydrating with diamond tips.

Active Dermoinfusion: The latest innovation in beauty treatments.

This advanced technology system accepts not only aqueous solutions but a great number of different density products such as plasma, gels and emulsions that can transport a largervariety of nutrients for the best absorption to deep layers of skin.

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Our HydraBrasion PRO will make a great addition to your current services and provide your clients with young, radiant, and healthy skin. 

Microdermabrasion + Hydration



Our system hydrates dry skin with a cool and refreshing sensation of water and aloe vera, making aggressive and uncomfortable micro-dermabrasion a thing of the past.

Dead skin cells and pores are exfoliated and suctioned off the skin using a hydra-brasion diamond tip, whilst simultaneously being distributed into a separate waste container.

Stimulates circulation, improving blood flow to the area which aids in tissue repair, revealing smoother skin and promotes collagen and elastin production, as well as cell renewal.

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Change your microdermabrasion to a less aggressive and uncomforatble  feeling with the added bonus of water.  Feel the difference during a private demo and see how easy it is to provide a new service.